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Our campaign is focused on advocating for working families and organizing for collective liberation and movements for justice.


We must start by acknowledging that housing is a human right.

Address Houseles

Advocate for tenants:

  • I supported Just Cause Eviction in the March election and will work with city and state leaders to pass JCE in the state legislature

  • We need stricter code enforcement to ensure that the rental units in our city are safe for tenants

  • I will push for rent stabilization as a first step to control rising housing costs in Burlington


Support homeowners: 

  • I will advocate for a transition away from the regressive property tax toward a more equitable income tax

  • I will push for progressive fee scales for utilities and municipal services

We need to camping here in Burlington and work to ensure the city is providing basic sanitation needs  

Housing Anchor

Working Families

Our city government must recognize that the cost of living continues to climb while wages remain stagnant.

I will advocate for working folks through the following proposals: 

  • Raise the minimum wage in Burlington. $15 an hour is the floor, not the ceiling

  • Strengthen the city’s livable wage ordinance

  • Explore policies that provide protections to parttime and gig workers

WF Anchor


Our fight for equity must go beyond access. That means addressing the white supremacy which is inherent in our governing structures, education system, and health care fields. This means redesigning these systems from the ground up.

Together we will work to: 

  • Overhaul our boards and commissions process to ensure BIPOC folks and working families are equitably represented in our city government

  • Examine innovative policies around the country to make homeownership a possibility for BIPOC communities and working folks in Burlington 

RE Anchor

Community Safety

We must continue to reimagine a future for public safety that serves all of Burlington’s residents. That starts by acknowledging the fact that the status quo has caused harm to BIPOC folks and those experiencing homelessness.

In the near term, we need  more transparency and accountability for BPD.  

However, this is just a first step while we continue to organize for a charter change to create an independent community control board. Learn more about these efforts and sign-up to help at

PS Anchor


Burlington’s substandard infrastructure disproportionately impacts working folks and people with disabilities. We can and must reimagine how we allocate our infrastructure investments. 

As City Councilor, I will:

  • Advocate for more resources to fix impassable sidewalks and expand traffic calming measures 

  • Expand the implementation of multi-modal transportation infrastructure which recognizes the need for climate action and supports the needs of working families.

I oppose the Champlain Parkway proposal, which would disproportionately impact Black and brown folks in Burlington, increasing traffic in the densely populated King Maple neighborhood. 


I support consolidated waste collection through a municipal operation model. Centralizing this essential service will save the city and our neighbors money in the long run, and help us reach our climate goals more quickly.

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